Mission Statement

Brywood Mission Statement

Brywood’s mission is to create a positive, yet challenging educational environment that nurtures intellectual risk taking and empowers our students with the values and drive to become successful members of a diverse, global community.

Brywood staff, families, and the local community share and support this vision.  We strive for high quality classroom instruction, motivated students, an engaging learning environment, and a supportive family community.  Our goals include that all students who promote from Brywood are able to reason, read, write, and communicate proficiently as well as be technologically astute in order to continue their academic success beyond Brywood.  To ensure this success, Brywood integrates technology, additional classroom support, and quality instruction using high research-based  instructional materials into our curriculum.  Students are better able to exceed expectations using the tools and knowledge they acquire through our instructional programs.  As part of our core instructional program, students participate in music, art, science, and technology based classes.

We believe that a rigorous standards based curriculum combined with our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Program facilitate students’ ability to perform at their best.  Our strong community base helps to support our students in their endeavors and contributions to the school, their families, and the community as a whole.  Staff encourages students to think critically about how their words and actions affect others.

“Students First, For Student Success”

We set high expectations for each student in order to foster an attitude of lifelong learning, as intellectual risk takers, so that each student can maintain a high degree of excellence in education.  These expectations, established and maintained at school and at home, are important for a child’s success.  Through our diverse population, we recognize that each child is an individual with individual abilities and needs.  Our staff works diligently to help each student appreciate his/her contributions and individuality while achieving high educational goals.